• High qualityNeeded urgent documents and wasn’t helped by others , yet Ms. Brook solved immediately.

    Brina Rubin   /   Feb 27th '20

  • Great Management CompanySuper service all the time. Questions answered quickly and accurately.

    Julia Pike   /   Feb 10th '20

  • Amy KrolAmy Krol provides excellent service in the financial department of Davenport. She is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and always willing to help Brookside in any way she can.

    Anna Jacobs   /   Feb 6th '20

  • Great Job : Thanks !

    Dan Boehmer   /   Feb 5th '20

  • Iva Debarros   /   Jan 28th '20

  • Very happy with the prompt response from Kristina SauveI received every thing needed to prepare 2019 Tax Return 1120 H thank you.

    Ira Elblonk   /   Jan 15th '20

  • Very pleasant experience.I had a very pleasant experience talking to the customer service at the Davenport. Very helpful, kind, and fast.

    Marc Zangaro   /   Dec 27th '19

  • Great Customer Service!!! and speedI spoke with Kate today in your customer service department and requested an application form for an up coming closing in Windermere. She was very pleasant and I had the form right away. I in turn forwarded the application to the new buyer. It is so nice that someone you speak at a company is nice and gets you the items you need.

    Susan Moody   /   Dec 13th '19

  • I called this afternoon with a list of questions I had for a client that is a potential buyer and Kate nailed every question for me and I didnt need to get someones voucemail. Very pleased, she was very professional and very nice!! It was a pleasure!!

    Cherry Gold   /   Dec 13th '19

  • Prompt responseI called and asked for information to be sent it was received by me within a few minutes.

    Betty Frederick   /   Dec 13th '19

  • Response to my issueI did send an email to Davenport, with pictures of the issue, did not get a response. Seeing the Plat Manager (Davenport) at our meeting I asked about the issue and was told it was our community office’s issue and they Davenport was working on it. I visited our Community office ( with a sample of the issue) and was told to contact our Plat Landscaping representative. That it was a Plat issue. I recontacted Davenport and updated them on the response and finally a work order was submitted to hopefully resolve the issue. Thanks to all who assisted me.

    Jeanne Rougeau   /   Dec 12th '19

  • Job well doneKate was so quick to send a W9 that my client needed to complete this file! Thank you so much!

    Jessica Fountain   /   Nov 12th '19

  • Request for architectural formI requested the form online and I received it by email within 5 minutes.

    Margaret Flynn   /   Nov 4th '19

  • High Quality Service with Quick ResponseKaleah Green, customer service representative at 6620 Lake Worth Road, is always very nice and professional in response to information requested.

    Maya Pustilnik   /   Oct 30th '19

  • Super fast and satisfactory responseI reached out to Davenport today for help regarding a document request, and Kate responded within minutes with the exact document I was looking for. I appreciate her complete and timely response.

    Colin Taylor   /   Oct 24th '19

  • Extremely Professional, Punctual, Involved and Thorough!As the Treasurer of F.H.B.Villas, I have found this Business to be Efficient Reliable and Personable. I Commend them for Job Well Done and Will Not Hesitate to Recommend then Highly in the future.

    June Casey   /   Oct 11th '19

  • Willowood has been working with Davenport since 2013 and not even once during this time have we given a thought about going anywhere else. Prior to hiring Davenport our experiences with previous management companies and there were many had been nightmares. With Davenport, our records & financials have been kept perfect. Their bookkeeping & management teams are awesome. I highly recommend Davenport to any HOA that is looking for help with their community.

    Julia Pike   /   Oct 4th '19

  • High quality service with quick response. Thank You.Davenport service assistant was very nice and professional in response to information requested.

    Dirlou Garnier   /   Oct 2nd '19

  • Good CommunicationI live in a community Davenport manages, as well as work for them on some of their properties. They are very responsive and handle requests promptly and efficiently. The office staff is very professional, and communicates openly and quickly when I contact them. I would highly recommend them. ~ALL HANDY, LLC

    ANTHONY MICHALEK   /   Sep 28th '19

  • AWESOME Property Management CompanyWe have had the privilege of working with Davenport Management for over 5 years. They are very professional, courteous and always willing to help when asked. Any time we call Customer Support they are friendly and respectful. Our Manager, Ashley Martin, also is very professional, kind and always has a way to take our requests and make them happen. We are very happy with Davenport and highly recommend them to anyone.

    Avon Weiner   /   Sep 25th '19

  • Great dealing with staff at Davenport Property ManagementAs the VP of Business Development and Sales, I work with hundreds of property managers and professional property management company's day in and day out. By far the staff at Davenport Professional Property Management is one of the best. I’ve had the privilege of working with Ashley Martin at Davenport Professional Property Management for several years. Ashley is always upbeat, personable, very easy going and a delight to deal with. She’s professional, helpful and always on the top of her game. Dealing with people is not easy. Ashley goes the extra mile to help everyone she deals with. Ashley is amazing and makes my mine and my staffs’ jobs easier.

    Adam Rovner   /   Sep 25th '19

  • Professional and pleasantI am a owner in two communities that Davenport manages. Working with Davenport is always a pleasant experience. The property managers and customer service representatives are always knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. Especially Kaleah Green and Casey Aprea.

    Glen O’GIlvie   /   Sep 25th '19

  • Everyone is very nice! Email responses are extremely fast!

    Isabela Freire   /   Sep 25th '19

  • Great Customer Service, On Top Property ManagerDavenport Property Mgmt. has been with us for many years. They are GREAT everytime we call into the office, respectful and helpful. Addition, Ashley Martin, our Property Mgr 'knows her stuff'. She is always pleasant, knowledgeable.

    Margaret Lee   /   Sep 25th '19

  • Very responsive, personable, professional, competent, responsible and friendlyWe have been dealing with Davenport for several years and have not experienced any problems at all. They have been very responsive and friendly in all matters. We had problems with our previous supplier and the Davenport team was able to collect all available data and compile it into a very usable and comprehensive package. They offer online systems that fit our needs very well. We highly recommend their services

    Richard Smith   /   Sep 24th '19